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What You Need to Know About Choosing An Executor or Being One...

Libby Wildman talks to Mark Bunting, from Uncommon Sense Investor, about the role of executor — it’s not to be taken lightly! It’s a serious job and not right for everyone. We have helped many families determine the best fit and how to discuss it with everyone involved.

Important considerations


There are many different options for setting up a trust - your best choice depends on where you are now and what you need the trust to accomplish - tax savings, wealth transfer, asset protection. We can help you consider the options and find the most advantageous set up.

testamentary trusts

A trust contained in a Will that holds property for example for minor children.


Wills must be kept up to date as your life circumstances change. The complexity really depends on your personal situation. You may want your will to include a testamentary trust, you may want to consider insurance to protect the transfer of assets to the next generation.

Choosing an executor

In complex situations it is important that your executor be financially savvy - not just a trusted person. We recommend choosing two executors depending on your circumstances and it is often preferable to have a non-family member. We have assisted many families with difficult discussions around this issue - it can be an emotional topic and it's helpful to have a third party advising.


We have decades of experience helping our clients juggle the complexities of estate planning; whether legal, taxation, or business success, we have the knowledge and expertise to guide you. Your current situation and your future wishes guide us to the best solution for you and your family.


We cannot emphasize enough how much our clients have benefited from using Insurance planning in conjunction with estate planning. There are some very interesting opportunities available to you and we have the expertise in the industry to guide you through the many choices out there. 

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The real goal is well-being during all stages of your life and across future generations. It’s the real value of wealth. We support our clients in every stage of life. We help clients have difficult conversations, plan major life events and incorporate those plans in a positive, strategic, resilient manner.

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