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Davis Rea Investment Counsel. We work with people at the intersection of finance and life.

  • We swear by the F-word. Fiduciary. ¬†That means we owe a duty to you and we’re responsible only to you.
  • We build you a financial future that you and your family can depend on.
  • We provide you with informed, objective advice to create an integrated wealth management plan.
  • We believe in transparency and clear communication.
  • We get to know you and we stay in touch. you’re not a number to us.

Davis Rea clients appreciate our personalized, integrated approach and recommend us to their children, family and friends. There is no higher praise.

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  • We are FIDUCIARIES and as such, we are held to the industry’s highest standard: it is our legal obligation to act in the best interest of our clients.

Experience & Trust

Financial Planning and Capital Preservation go hand in hand.

CEO John O’Connell on The Money Show answering the question: “I’m 65, I have a $2M portfolio and I no longer wish to manage my investments. I am unhappy with my bank, how do I find an advisor?”

Watch the full video on Uncommon Sense Investor.

Fears and dreams

Libby Wildman talks financial planning, insurance, fears and dreams. Worth a listen!

It's all about Capital Preservation

We'll snapshot your current position

Start with where you are – we meet you there. When you have a clear picture of your current situation, you can map your route to achieving your goals.

Discuss your options

There are many different routes to building your wealth and securing your legacy. We take the time to really get to know your values and concerns to help you determine the best options for you. We believe in face-to-face meetings but, like most everyone these days, we are finding computer meetings to be quite as efficient.

Help you achieve your goals

With decades of experience, an unparalleled investment team and solid, steady strategy, we are ready to get you to your goal. Let’s get started.

Effective planning is the single best way to protect your family's future. An exaggeration? We don't think so!

Our entire approach is based on aligning your current and future needs, your goals and values with your decisions – both financial and personal. We want your wealth to translate into helping you live your best life. Life’s uncertainties are inevitable and it can really help to prepare in advance.¬†